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Sound Talks With…The Flat Battery Sound Collective

In this very first edition of the series Sound Talks With…we had the pleasure to interchange words with Bart Bajda aka Baydog/The Flat Battery Sound Collective.

What made you decide to make music to sound different from the so-called standard?

I guess it’s a result of a few factors. First of all I could never find mainstream music interesting enough so I always looked for inspiration in underground music. I think it’s quite natural for a musician to experiment and look for this unique sound to be able to stand out from the crowd.
Sometimes it’s a happy accident, another time being limited to fewer tools can also push you further. Personally, I find working with other musicians most inspirational. Since 2014 I’ve been closely collaborating with my good friend Jacek Niziol on a different music projects like Baydog and FBSC.

When was the first time when you made something different in terms of music creation and sound design?

It was when I was introduced to the music software by one of my friends. Being a drummer I knew little of the new possibilities it brought, like being able to record music on a decent level without paying for an expensive studio. That has opened up a whole new world to me as I started learning composing, recording and mastering music.

Where do you think ideas for experimental sound come from, from inside or from outside?

Definitely both. The outside world can be as fascinating, inspirational or scary as your inner world since they are connected and influence one another. There is a whole spectrum of different colors in both worlds where the ideas can come from.

What’s the craziest track you’ve ever listened to?

Not the craziest but certainly a really cool tone by Jojo Mayer & Jack Quartet, Different Zones by Don Li

Where do you feel more comfortable studio recording or live performance?

Since it’s been a while I played live and spent all that time in the studio, I probably feel more comfortable at home, away from outside word. I miss live performance though so maybe it’s about time to do something about it.

How are you planning to blast your audience mind in your next gig?

We’re hoping to deliver a good performance that will take the audience on a soulful, cinematic, spatial flight with us!

What type of sounds do you prefer: organic, electronic or both?

The simplest answer to that would be both mixed together but obviously I respect electronic music as much as organic. These days both influence each other and that’s what I like the most.

What are your plans for the future in terms of production and creation?

 I would like to invest a little bit more in my gear and learn about music theory and production.

What do you think is the future of music in terms of tools and instruments and how it will affect creators, performers and the audience?

Thanks to the technology making music has become more accessible, allowing artists to create without the expenditure of a studio space or even instruments. Using internet you can teach yourself all sorts of stuff and promote your music without the labels help. I think that’s great, it enriches the scene and music itself allowing everyone to create. As for the future we will probably continue to observe the mix of instrumental and electronic music in all its forms.

If through science or any other method we manage to prove there is a creator or great designer of the universe and you were chosen to pick the background sounds for the first encounter between humans and the creator, which of your songs would you see for such an event?

Well it’s a tough one but I guess I would pick ‘From A Distance’, a track from the new FBSC album ‘Electric Dreams‘ featuring Birmingham based vocalist Melissa Morris. It’s constant and ubiquitous groove and cinematic character plays with your senses at all levels. Could work for such an event in my opinion.

This track comes with the video by my talented little sister Karolina Bajda.

Here some of our favorite tracks by Flat Battery Sound Collective:

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