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Sound Talks With…Desperate Daughters

Ironically, thanks to the algorithms that sometimes make us doubt about the so-called suggestions, we made one of our favorite musical discoveries. Katya and Raya are two amazing rising artists and experimental musicians that are creating a momentum for female musical experimentation in Eastern Europe. They are Desperate Daughters and we had the honor to interchange some words with them by the time their debut album “Analogue Girls” was released last month, October 2022. Their musical proposal swings between the electronic and organic sounds with just the right dark dose of melancholy that fills the ear and the soul with a feeling of joy.

What is the thing that influenced you the most to make you decide for the first time to make music sound different from the so-called standard?

Raya: I was always inspired by music outside of the mainstream. I like it when a song can surprise you stylistically or has a unique atmosphere. A non-standard sound comes naturally to us given our diverse backgrounds and influences. 

Katya: I consider myself drawn to the obscure and making non-mainstream music was never actually a conscious decision but more of a natural flow.

When was the first time when you made something different in terms of music creation and sound design?

Raya: After finishing my music studies I felt that I had been fed too many ready-made formulas. I needed to deconstruct everything I knew and reinvent the wheel, so to speak. That’s how I started experimenting on the digital canvas. When we joined forces as Desperate Daughters, it was just a matter of fitting the pieces together – the groundwork was already laid.

Katya: Raya was the first music partner I was really myself with. DD is the place where real experimenting started for me.

Where do you think ideas for experimental sounds come from, from inside (the mind and the soul) or from the outside (the world surrounding us)?

Raya: I believe it’s both. The outside gives you the inspiration, while the inside is the motivator of your personal expression.

Katya: I agree. I am often inspired by different forms of art that allow me to look inside myself and dig deeper, unveil new layers of inspiration and creativity.

What’s the craziest track you’ve ever listened to?

Raya: One of my favorite crazy tracks is Goodbye Sober Day by Mr. Bungle.

Katya: I particularly enjoy the ecstatic vibes of Susheela Raman’s Love Trap

Mr. Bungle

Susheela Raman

Where do you feel more comfortable: Recording in the studio or performing live? Why?

Raya: Recording and producing in the studio is part of the creative stage – it has its own pace, rewards and challenges. Performing live is the next step – connecting with the audience and completing the circle. A breakthrough in the studio can be as satisfying as a great live performance, but it’s a different kind of high. I wouldn’t necessarily pick one over the other.

How are you planning to blast your audience’s mind in your next gig??

Raya: To me this is something that happens organically. It seems that our shows keep getting better as we get more experience under our belt. Our music is fueled by emotions and when we’re in the zone the audience feels that and responds.

Katya: I sometimes get crazy ideas on stage – like a crazy new “dance” move or climbing atop of one of the loudspeakers. But as Raya said, this is something that comes with the magic of the moment, each time is different.

What types of sounds do you prefer: organic, electronic or both?

Raya: I like both, especially the combination of the two.

Katya: Same.

What are your plans for the future in terms of production and creation? (Next releases, collaborations, etc)

Raya: We’ve started work on the second album. We have ideas for collaborations. It’s too early to give away any plans, but we’re excited.

Katya: In addition, we are about the release our first official music video this year. We’re quite excited to see how it turned out.

What do you think is the future of music in terms of tools and instruments and how will it affect the creators, performers and the audience?

Raya: Performing with acoustic instruments and voice in an electronic environment, like we do, has been happening for some time. I think this trend for hybrid performances will continue, since it gives a lot of freedom and creative possibilities. I do believe there’s hunger for live music in a more traditional form, specially after the pandemic. No matter how digital we become, we still have our basic analogue needs 🙂

If through science or any other method we manage to prove the existence of a creator, god or great designer of the universe and you were chosen to play the background sounds of the encounter, which of your songs would you use for such an event?

Raya: Incidentally, we have a track called The Copper God. Maybe Katya was already subconsciously channeling such an encounter :). If I had to pick our most epically sounding cosmic track I would go with Kryptonite. 

Katya: I’d imagine this encounter shall happen in the afterlife, so Lullaby might be an appropriate choice.

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