…and the Doppler D – Effect


We, The PotCats, are just music lovers and crazy listeners but mainly we are music selectors: We dedicate a huge amount of time and effort on researching and selecting new sounds, songs, artists and genres and it is key for us for them to be different and at a high musical level.

We created this platform because as listeners and selectors we want to share non-standard, out-of-the-box music with the world. On our channel we want to create content with which we can help non-standard creators, artists and producers to reach a wider public as well as to provide the people the opportunity to access and discover new non-standard-high quality music. We want to popularize music that is different and that has a beneficial effect on the listeners as well and on the creators.

The PotCats and The Doppler D-Effect is a digital and independent music platform for entertainment and promotion of alternative and experimental sounds. We are the first and only “Radio on Text” in the history of the internet and we focus on music as the highest expression of the human mind.

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